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When your roof is in need of repair or replacement, it can put you and your family in danger, and also risk the possibility your precious possessions will get ruined. Rather than waiting until the situation has become truly urgent, call us at South Central Wisconsin Roofing. Families from south central Wisconsin know we are a resource for high quality residential roofing work.

Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Trapped heat and moisture in the attic can severely jeopardize the performance of a roof. The combination of insulation and a ventilation system helps to keep excessive household moisture and heat out. As a result, the proper conditions and temperature are better maintained in the attic and on the roof deck throughout the year.

Attic moisture can cause:

>Wet wood—sagging roof deck
>Potential insect infestation
>Mold, spores, fungi and mildew
>Metal rust (nail heads)
>Interior damage

Attic heat can cause:

>Ice dams that prevent water runoff
>Premature failure of roofing materials
Asphalt /Fiberglass Residential Shingle Warranty
  • >If your shingles become defective, Owens and Corning will cover 100% of material/labor/tear-off/underlayment/dumpster, repair or replace, for 50 years, at no cost to the homeowner
  • >Owens and Corning warranty can be transferred once in the first 50 years
  • >Shingles are under warranty from blow off from wind up to 130 mph for 15 years
  • >South Central WI Roofing warranty for workmanship covers first two years
  • >Owens Corning warranty for workmanship covers years three to ten
  • >Our warranty is the strongest in the industry. Our competitor’s warranties are generally pro-rated and do not cover workmanship, dumpster, or tear-off
Choose Materials to Suit Your Needs

Our team can help you choose from leading name brands like GAF and CertainTeed. Some brands, like Owens Corning, offer extended warranties that can give you even more peace of mind about a roofing project. Whether you are in need of an entire brand-new roof, or just have to replace a small portion that has begun to leak, trust our experts to help you pick materials that are long lasting and able to meet your expectations.

A Roof Can Help You Save on Utility Bills

When your roof is properly maintained, it can also help you save on energy bills. If you’re doing everything you can to keep costs as low as possible but still aren’t satisfied, Contact Us today. We’ll be glad to offer suggestions.

Helping Your South Central, WI Residence Look Great

Proper venting and insulation can help you save on energy bills. Proper venting and insulation can help prevent ice dams and leaks. Boost its curb appeal and decide that now is an ideal time to install a new roof or make a much-needed repair. Contact Us now and schedule your free residential roofing estimate.

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