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SAVE money on energy bills with proper ventilation and insulation. Roof installation and repair for your home. Balanced attic ventilation.
Consider us for your next flat roofing project and we won't leave you disappointed.
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South Central Wisconsin Roofing

Mike Solterman of South Central Wisconsin Roofing says, "Consider us for your next flat roofing project and we won't leave you disappointed."

We have been South / Central Wisconsin's roofing company since 1971 and have been recognized for our honest quality work throughout that time period. See the difference a quality professional installed roofing system can mean for your business or home. Call backs are not part of what we do.

Our specialties are metal roof coatings, totally adhered rubber roof systems, built-up hot tar roofing systems (BUR) and modified Bitumen roofing systems. All proven iron clad against leaks when properly installed.

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South Central Wisconsin Roofing is a Professional Contractor
  • > Committed to high quality
  • > Service oriented
  • > Ethical in business dealings
  • > Established, proven, reliable
  • > Technically competent
  • > Willing to stand behind our work
  • > Dedicated to our industry
  • > Insured and committed to safety
  • > Trained and well-experienced
Exceptional Quality in Detail and Customer Satisfaction
You can have a professional roofing contractor on-hand in just three easy steps:
  • > Call us.
  • > Let us answer your roofing questions.
  • > Allow us to provide the service you need when you need it.
A professional roofing contractor will have and provide...
  • > Call us.
    Permanent address, telephone number, tax Id number, etc.
  • > Financial liability
    You should be satisfied that the contractor will be there when you need him - how long has he been in business?
  • > Proof of insurance
    Ask for a certificate mailed to you direct from the insurance company, We comply with liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and unemployment regulations
  • > Bonded and licensed when required
    Check the requirements of your state.
  • > References
    Check with previous customers - complete satisfaction of workmanship.
  • > Warranties
    Check labor and material warranties. Does the company stand behind their work?
  • > List of completed projects
    Ask for projects name, owner and date of completion.
  • > Certification and Licensing
    Dwelling Contractor Certification
    Dwelling Contractor Qualifier
  • > OSHA Regulations
    We work safely and abide by OSHA regulations
  • > Best Available Products
    We use the best available products from manufacturers with the best reputations and strongest warranties in the industry South Central Wisconsin Roofing is a professional company dedicated to customer service and satisfaction since 1971.
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